Repairing White Lines in posterior resin composites using Interface and Surpass

26 Jan

BY: Dr. John Kanka III Understanding the white lines on teeth White lines frequently form on the enamel margins of resin composite restorations, especially in the posterior. Polymerization protocols such as “pulse activation” are designed to minimize white lines but despite one’s best efforts, they still may occur. In some cases the enamel itself has… READ MORE


Velvet Etch from Vista Apex

15 Jun

Now Available in Canada.

Velvet Etch is a purple 40% Phosphoric Acid Etch with optimized viscosity for precision placement.  Velvet Etch is the ideal viscosity, providing accurate placement, control and consistency. It can be applied to vertical tooth surfaces and remain in place and is great for selective etch techniques. Velvet Etch is the new benchmark for phosphoric acid etches.

  • Smooth consistency
  • Precision placement
  • Rinses clean
  • Vibrant purple color
  • Includes 22ga Pre-Bent Tips for precise delivery
Velvet Etch available in 4pk and 12 pk configuration
503315-2 4 Pack
• 4 x 1.2mL Prefilled Syringes
• 25 x 22ga Pre-bent Tips
503300-2 12 Pack
• 12 x 1.2mL Prefilled Syringes
• 75 x 22ga Pre-bent Tips

Velvet Etch 40% Phosphoric Acid Etchant
is the ideal solution for etching dentin
and enamel. The smooth consistency and
viscosity provide for easy and precise
placement. Works great for total etching
techniques and is the obvious choice for
selective etch techniques. Velvet Etch is
easy to place and stays where you put it.

Covid Causing Shortages in Dental Supplies beyond PPE

5 Nov

Covid is beginning to take its toll on supply chains.   Initially PPE was in very short supply. Now backlogs are beginning to appear in all areas.  The ability of manufacturers to forecast demand, along with changes to manufacturing processes, due to social distancing measures and staff shortages are having an enormous effect on the supply chain in our industry.  Back orders at the manufacturing level are becoming common. 
Offices can deal with the supply chain disruption in one of 2 ways.   Offices can 1. Anticipate production and order supplies well in advance.
2. Set up standing orders with vendors that will ensure a steady flow of supplies to the office.   Either way offices will need to keep a close eye on
stock levels in order to get through the next 8 months or so.   Hopefully we will all get through this soon.  In the meantime Stay Safe !

Dentists Already Are Prepared for the Coronavirus 19 Feb 2020 Larry Williams, DDS Todays Dental News

24 Mar

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Stay Strong ! Stay Safe !

New product from Vista – Apex Part of the Re-Gen Suite of Products.

9 Dec

RE-GEN Self-Etch Adhesive

RE-GEN™ Self-Etch is a 3-bottle system that consists of a conditioner, primer and bonding resin. RE-GEN™ combines clinically proven adhesives with the power of Bioglass, a material verified to stimulate bone cells towards a path of regeneration and self-repair. Bioactive material that forms apatite on the surface would have several benefits, including the closure of any gaps forming at the resin-dentin interface, and potentially improved long-term bond strengths, eliminating bond degradation.

RE-GEN Self-Etch & Logo

  • The release of calcium, phosphate and fluoride to promote hydroxyapatite formation
  • Bond Strength: 55MPa
  • Efficient application protocol takes only 35 seconds
    • Only one protocol for all procedures
  • Can be used for both direct and indirect restorations
  • No-rinse system eliminates any post-operative patient sensitivity
  • No technique sensitivity promotes ease-of-use and consistent results

Acquisition Creates The Best of Both Worlds

5 Jun

Vista Dental, a leading manufacturer in dental and endodontic product solutions, small equipment, and ancillary consumable products, today announced the acquisition of Apex Dental Materials, Inc. Apex was founded in 1998 to address the need in the dental industry for a company that is dedicated to solving the restorative material issues of the practicing clinician.

“While Vista is renowned for endodontic solutions, we recognize that every root canal ends with a restorative procedure. That is why we are thrilled to combine the Apex restorative products with the existing Vista portfolio,“ – James Onderak, President Vista Dental.

According to Scott Lamerand, Co-Owner of Apex Dental Materials, “The Vista Dental team brings the talents and resources necessary to take the Apex restorative lines to the next level. The collaboration between the companies is tremendous and we’re excited about what the future holds.”

“This joining of these two companies is an exciting event that will deliver synergies to provide the best products to dental practices,” – Dr. John Kanca III, DMD.


Game Changer for Composite Dentistry?

24 Jan

Introducing OMNICHROMA,

the see-it-to-believe-it technology that’s going to change the art of shade matching for good. OMNICHROMA gives you a single shade of composite that’s clinically proven to match the color of any tooth.

  • Exceptional color matching
    • High polishability
  • Excellent physical-mechanical properties      

    Coming February 2019 Reserve yours today!

    Will Omnichroma change the way Doctors approach composite Dentistry, only time will tell.  This product promises to color-match like you’ve never seen before, Omnichroma’s  is the first formula ever to match any smile from A1 to D4 in just one application.

It’s Here !

16 Apr

Amazon at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2018.   This may change the way Dental Supplies are distributed in North America.  In my own opinion I don’t think anything will change.  Business to Business models are totally different than consumer goods. While consumers are accustomed to making purchases with the click of a mouse…Business to Business purchases require technical knowledge, troubleshooting, a familiar voice..and in some cases personal contact..check out my previous posts for more on this topic..


The impact of the Internet and it’s Cost !

8 Jun

BlockbusterWhile no one will dispute the many great things that the internet can offer, few have stopped to examine at what cost this has come. Just take one industry..say video rentals…take one Retailer …say Blockbuster.   Blockbuster was one of,  if not the biggest player in the video rental industry.  It like many other unsuspecting retailers were caught off guard by the impact that the internet was about to have on its business model.   Virtually overnight, Blockbuster Video Rentals, Blu Ray Players, Blu Ray Discs,  …gone !   But if you look closer the impact was much more far reaching.   Keeping with our Blockbuster analogy,  look at the impact on the stores themselves…racking for the product..point of purchase vans…all  gone ! It is not only Blockbuster that felt the impact of the internet tidal  wave..but all of the Blockbuster suppliers.   Not to mention the affect that the Blockbuster closures had on the strip malls. Our local Blockbuster was replaced by a Bakery.

When you look outside our Blockbuster analogy to the dental industry you see what’s in store. Video streaming is allowing dental professionals to get their continuing education online.  No longer will doctors need to travel to Hotels, sign into a seminar being run in a ballroom.  Seminar ballroom bookings, seminar hotel accommodation..gone !  Even the marketing for these courses  can all be done online..seminar brochures, mailings..gone !  The effect is far reaching !

Web sites are becoming virtual trade show booths, with detailed product descriptions, technique videos, and on line ordering.  Tradeshows are already beginning to feel the effects.   At one time the Chicago Midwinter Meeting was a great venue for introducing new products, today most products have been formally introduced online before they hit the exhibit  floor.

The internet has taken the learning experience, entertainment, shopping, news, to the comfort of our homes.  But there has been a cost , businesses were caught off guard, HMV, Blockbuster, Radio Shack,  Eatons.   The Dental Community is not immune we will be caught off guard as well, no one will travel 2 hours to go to an exhibit hall to see a juggler at the 3M booth.

And while many will argue that the internet is just a natural outgrowth of progress, you do have to ask “how many Cinnabuns can you fit in a Mall”

Iveri Whitening System (Available through Sure Dental)

17 Jan

Partial Review from Dental Advisor.

Full Review here

The short 20 minute procedure time was considered the best feature of Iveri Whitening System by consultants and patients alike. It requires minimal preparation and chair time. A light-cured gingival barrier is used for the Extra Strength In Office Whitening prior to placing the tray in the patient’s mouth. A Vitamin E Oil is used for the Regular Strength In Office Whitening prior to placing the tray in the patient’s mouth. The pre-filled tray is soft and flexible and fits all patients plus can be used for their at home whitening care. The gel is positioned in the tray to cover the facial surfaces and it is viscous enough so that is does not leak out the edges during treatment. The Iveri light is simple to operate and covers the entire arch. Patients reported that they were comfortable during their whitening procedure, with little to no tooth sensitivity. Consultants reported that effectiveness of the whitening procedure varied and the extra strength gel showed better results. Seventy-five percent of consultants would switch to Iveri Whitening System and 75% would recommend it.