The impact of the Internet and it’s Cost !

8 Jun

BlockbusterWhile no one will dispute the many great things that the internet can offer, few have stopped to examine at what cost this has come. Just take one industry..say video rentals…take one Retailer …say Blockbuster.   Blockbuster was one of,  if not the biggest player in the video rental industry.  It like many other unsuspecting retailers were caught off guard by the impact that the internet was about to have on its business model.   Virtually overnight, Blockbuster Video Rentals, Blu Ray Players, Blu Ray Discs,  …gone !   But if you look closer the impact was much more far reaching.   Keeping with our Blockbuster analogy,  look at the impact on the stores themselves…racking for the product..point of purchase vans…all  gone ! It is not only Blockbuster that felt the impact of the internet tidal  wave..but all of the Blockbuster suppliers.   Not to mention the affect that the Blockbuster closures had on the strip malls. Our local Blockbuster was replaced by a Bakery.

When you look outside our Blockbuster analogy to the dental industry you see what’s in store. Video streaming is allowing dental professionals to get their continuing education online.  No longer will doctors need to travel to Hotels, sign into a seminar being run in a ballroom.  Seminar ballroom bookings, seminar hotel accommodation..gone !  Even the marketing for these courses  can all be done online..seminar brochures, mailings..gone !  The effect is far reaching !

Web sites are becoming virtual trade show booths, with detailed product descriptions, technique videos, and on line ordering.  Tradeshows are already beginning to feel the effects.   At one time the Chicago Midwinter Meeting was a great venue for introducing new products, today most products have been formally introduced online before they hit the exhibit  floor.

The internet has taken the learning experience, entertainment, shopping, news, to the comfort of our homes.  But there has been a cost , businesses were caught off guard, HMV, Blockbuster, Radio Shack,  Eatons.   The Dental Community is not immune we will be caught off guard as well, no one will travel 2 hours to go to an exhibit hall to see a juggler at the 3M booth.

And while many will argue that the internet is just a natural outgrowth of progress, you do have to ask “how many Cinnabuns can you fit in a Mall”


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