John Kanca’s Lecture Moncton NB. The Atlantic AGD have run an excellent course

28 Nov

John Kanca lecturing in Moncton NB.

25 Sep

Sure Dental is co sponsoring John Kanca’s Adhesive Dentistry seminar in Moncton In November.

Attendees are in for a real treat.

Adhesive Dentistry
Dr. John Kanca
Saturday, November 28, 2015 Delta Beauséjour, Moncton, N

More information can be found by contacting The Atlantic Provinces Academy of General Dentistry

Dr. Michael Taylor
57 Carleton St.
Saint John, N.B.
E2L 2Z2
Office (506) 634-8455
Fax (506) 633-1322
Home (506) 849-9606

Secure Tip – Saliva Ejector

20 Jul

Unlike other saliva ejectors that rely on friction to hold the tip in place, SecureTip saliva ejector screw securely into the valve – resulting in an ejector that functions as single bonded piece. This prevents slips, drops, and the need to replace O-Rings – which saves both time and money. In addition to the screw-in base, SecureTip saliva ejector include a soft head to ensure patient comfort, as well as an embedded copper wire that allows the tube to retain its shape upon bending. Secure Tip valves are made of durable aluminum and provided free of charge.  View video at Sure Dental Channel Secure Tip

See Us at the Upcoming ODA Spring Convention May 7th – 8th. Booth #s 1739,1741

11 Apr

Drop by our Booth for Samples and to preview new products !

New at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2015

27 Feb

Chicago LEAP.jpgLEAP  Introduced at the 2015 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

LEAP enables users to save time by increasing vision, reducing the number of tools, providing great access and  minimal cleaning.  LEAP‘s long battery life enables the device to be reused for up to 80 procedures. LEAP utilizes two strong LEDs to light the intraoral area.

Pacific Dental Conference May 5th-May 6th 2015

18 Feb

Be sure to drop by our booth # 1551. We have plenty of samples. As well as incredible deals for offices presenting their DIAC coupons.   See you there !

ZNano Universal Composite now available in Canada

26 Oct

ZNano is an advanced technology, zirconia-silica nanoparticle-filled universal composite. Zirconia fillers, being far harder than the barium glass fillers used in many traditional composites, are expected to provide superior wear resistance and improved marginal integrity. The far smaller particle size in ZNano (80 nm vs. 400+ nm) resists “plucking” and gives a more esthetic result. ZNano is an ideal handling material with very high physical properties and enamel-like hardness that compares well to dental restorative market leaders. ZNano has a radiopacity of 205% of aluminum making it easy to read. Shades match the Vita Classical shading system.  For more details please call Sure Dental 1.888.277.2335